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It has therefore created an environment that faithfully reflects these values in a unique contemporary design and visual identity all its own. Like a precious casket, this new 120 square-metre boutique shows off the latest watch creations whilst absolutely respecting the particular universe of each product line - the result is a unique shopping experience. Visitors to the boutique will also have exclusive access to the new replica Cartier WJ120051 Men's watch series of TAG Heuer-branded accessories, its collection of avant-garde spectacles and the very new Meridiist communication tool. Entering the TAG Heuer universeLocated on one of Westfield's main thoroughfares, the London store can be spotted from afar. Its frontage of brushed, bronze-lacquered steel, 5 metres high and 8 metres long, hints at the interior without revealing it outright.

If youve got an active kid--or are hell-bent on raising one--check out Axls Closet for threads to dress up your groms. The company offers an array of outdoor clothing, including surf and skate, from Patagonia, Volcom, Roxy, DC, and Skullcandy, among others. As an Outside reader, you can get a deal. Go to axlscloset.com to shop, and use the promo code outside_axls_$10 for a ten-dollar discount between March 25 and April 30. replica Cartier WJ118851 Men's watch Bonus: You can feel good about spending your hard-earned dough because a portion of it will go to help fund organizations that support kids.--Aileen Torres

They are stout and protective, stowing all your small items away, safe and ready until the day you need them in the field.Stephen Regenold writes about outdoors gear at. Outsides Lab Rat, Nick Heil, shows you how to do lateral jumps, which replica Cartier w3014456 Men's watch test your lower bodys plyometric strengththe explosive power you need in your legs for ball sports, running, and cycling.Aileen Torres

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The cases might seem bulky at first to the ultralight crowd. But on a scale, you can see that they are indeed light. When empty, the larger polycarbonate case tube weighed 3.5 ounces on my scale.The Wilderness kit has more than I would bring for a backpacking trip. There are a few items I would consider extras in the case. But they are minuscule things that weigh mere grams and almost dont warrant taking out.As a replica Cartier W31079M7l Men's watch concept, GearPods offers the convenience to buy one productthey start at less than $20 for the most basic kitsand have all or most of what you need for an activity. They keep gear safe from moisture and rain in a watertight case.

I am happy to see that for the price of this watch U Boat ensured high quality throughout the watch. Cause in the end, even if the watch is functionally silly, it is still well made and designed nicely. Under the super large crown cap is the actual crown replica Cartier W31077M7 Men's watch which is tiny in comparison. The crown cap screws down, and so does the crown. I just found that sort of humorous. So much water resistance security!The dial of the watch is matte black with the blue hour indicators on a layer below the dial.

To date, there are 73 TAG Heuer boutiques in 23 countries. Following its landmark design of the TAG Heuer 360° Museum in Switzerland, the Swiss watch firm invited CARBONDALE to create a new boutique concept to bring watch culture to the whole world. The first boutique was unveiled on 30 October last, in London, in Westfield, replica Cartier W31075M7 Men's watch White City, the largest shopping centre in Europe. A world of luxury in the TAG Heuer coloursFor 150 years, the reputation of this Swiss brand of watches has been built on tradition, avant-garde and prestige.

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It measures about 14 inches long, and the screwtogether tubes are about three inches in diameter.But inside that small package is an amazing amount of gear. The components are of highquality, including namebrand firstaid implements, tightly packed firestarting tools, survival items such as fishing line, a thermal blanket, small replica Cartier W31080M7 Men's watch saw, mini compass, and a signal mirror. For an ad hoc shelter, the kit comes with a thin, ripstop nylon tarp that weighs scant ounces. Theres even a small stove inside the Wilderness kit. It burns chemical tablets and boils water in an included thinwall metal mug.Overall, I am impressed with the GearPod idea.

In addition, they create a undeniable aura of technical and aesthetic fascination. Each Vacheron Constantin Quai de l'Ile watch is supplied in an innovative, contemporary box, which features a number of intricate elements of its own, replica Cartier W31077U2 Men's watch including a travel case, a unique passport dedicated to the watch, a USB presentation containing fascinating information on Vacheron Constantin, a magnifying glass, and a spare strap in alligator leather or rubber. PRESS RELEASE

TAG Heuer Changing the face of TimeLondon, 10 November 2008. The atmosphere is soft and gentle but the message is avant-garde. Luxury here can be savoured as a unique experience in the TAG Heuer way, where visitors immerse themselves in a replica Cartier W3107355 Men's watch world in which tradition is maintained but reinterpreted in the light of futuristic technology. The new concept will be used next in Singapore, and then in several other world cities where the brand has a presence.

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Vacheron Constantin The Vacheron Constantin Quai de l'Ile watch collection will revive this prestigious brand's tradition of offering clients truly custom made watches. Featuring a unique multi-piece case, and a remarkable transparent dial which features a number of advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies, these Vacheron Constantin watches will present more than 400 possible custom variations.Case materials replica Cartier W31078M7 Men's watch combinations, dial finishes, and even movement finishing may all be tailored to suit a specific requirement.The Vacheron Constantin Quai de l'Ile timepiece collection comprises two models for the time being--the Date Self-Winding watch, and the Day-Date and Power-Reserve Self-Winding watch. Both utilize Vacheron Constantin manufacture movements which have earned the Geneva Seal, the most prestigious distinction of traditional craftsmanship in haute horlogerie.

The rotors are crafted in ruthenium-plated 22K gold, and feature a contemporary decorative pattern. The dials are particularly remarkable--developed in conjunction with Orell Füssli Security Printing Ltd, a specialist in printing bank notes and replica Cartier 31075M7 Watch Swiss passports--they feature an extraordinary range of technical and decorative features, including specially treated security transparent film with hundreds of intricate patterns and details. Technically, they are unparalleled in the world of watch, and represent the ultimate safeguard against counterfeiting.

U Boat released the U 1001 watch completely devoid of lume, as omission from what have been a great looking Replica watchesin the dark.It has more features for diving such as the helium escape valve beneath the crown, but again, how can you go diving in a watch that you can't really see underwater? Perhaps it is good for the replica Cartier W31080M7 Men's watch sunny clear water of the topics. In that case, dive deep my friends. Speaking of the helium release valve, the quality and finish of the large connected crown cap and the surrounding parts is very good. Well machined, and each operates as they should without problem.


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Road cycling has always has a special relationship with its spectators. What other sport allows such close contact for no admission fee? Now, telemetrics are giving us even more intimate glimpses into the state of the athletes as they ride. replica Rolex Ladies watches Along with SRMs liver rider data, Polar is beaming some vital stats --including heart rate, speed, cadence, power, altitude, and left-right pedalingbalance--on American George Hincapie of Team Columbia and a rotating group of domestiques. Both of these features are live during the race only.

Of course, you wont find the race favorites wired up to the web. How they are feeling during the stage is too important to race strategy. On the big climbs, team leaders are constantly checking out their rivals form, testing to see if they can keep pace. Lance Armstrongs famous bluff on the Alpe dHuez back in 2001 could never have worked had team cars been privy to his easy heart rate data.Todays very fast, nervous stage featured Team replica Rolex Sports Models watches CSC, about halfway through, deciding to move the whole train up front and completely blow the peloton apart. In the gusty wind and bouts of light rain, Bjarne Riiss team put on a clinic in staggered pace line riding, and made certain this was not going to be an easy transitional day. The stage victory went to a young Spaniard, Luis Leon Sanchez. Yellow jersey Kim Kirchen defended well, and Christian Vande Velde remained in 4th overall.--Matthew Fishbane

Pro Kayaker Howard McKim was taken for a wild ride while shooting an upcoming kayak-fishing film, according to pr.com. While cameras were rolling, McKim was taken for a five-hour, eleven-mile ride on the open sea by one monster marlin replica Zenith watch (estimated at 300 lbs). This isnt the first man vs. beast battle aboard a kayak; check out last months footage of goose vs kayaker.--Aurora Wingard But youre probably going to beout and about this weekend anyway, right?