Endurance Three Hand Watch from Burberry: Universality, Sport, Refinement

But if speaking about Burberry's Endurance Three Hand Chronograph Watch, the idea has certainly been crowned with success. Due to the lack of bright details, the watch does not look garish and provocative. Though the elegant and refined British brand Burberry has never been noticed in such kind of inclinations and trends. Three counters dial of the chronograph 40 mm in diameter has a striped red-black strap made of fabric and covered with a light layer of 18 K gold that adds refinement and great look to the timepiece. Endurance Three Hand Chronograph Watch is made keeping up with the latest technologies but the watch does not have many "fashion" novelties that can make you feel guilty you don't need those functions and accordingly do not use them.Try to remind yourself how have you been looking for a universal object in different stores and boutiques that would be appropriate for any life occasion and would always be with you! ?ertainly it is not quite easy and you don't always find what you're looking for. And of course such a criterion is first of all related to a wrist watch. Just imagine how great it is to find such a universal timepiece you can put on to go nearly everywhere. Sport-style and refinement - these are appropriate definitions to describe the model called Endurance Three Hand Chronograph Watch from Burberry. It's not easy to have a watch which could combine two absolutely different notions - sportiness and elegance. There are not many watches that can be worn and appropriate with any apparel and in any life situation.

Bertolucci Introduces Masculine Line of Serena Garbo

The opening of the case runs wider so the watch would fit a man's wrist perfectly. Just like the women's line the Serena Garbo for men come whether with a leather bracelet or metal one.The silvered dial of the watch with no doubt has a masculine design. Its specially designed hands have an off-centered luminescent groove, which make it easy to read the time in the dark.The newly designed masculine line called Serena Garbo, represents a new wave of classical timepieces, being trendy and authentic. The Serena Garbo line has three versions so it would suit the taste of majority of men that enjoy the world of fine watches.The design of the new Serena Garbo really catches your attention. It's soft curves and smooth feel make the watch look classy and at the same time modern. Stylish design represents a true Bertolucci signature. Both comfort and harmony allow this watch to be a great choice for all occasions, and for everyday wear. A simplistic look is all that is need for this watch to look rich. The simplistic design of the case combines chic traditional leather along with daring stitching and the contemporary fine-brushed bracelet made of stainless steel.Bertolucci decided to continue its successful line, which the company presented in 2006 at the international exhibition Baselworld 2006. Last year it launched a feminine line and in 2007 it looks forward to strengthen its collection by adding this new Serena Garbo watch for men.

Avenue Exotic Birds from Harry Winston

They chose white diamonds and sapphires, picking up very carefully only the best stones. It took a rather long period of time and it was a very painstaking job to create the timepieces. A special attention was also paid to the straps that are made of satin and make a great match with the dial. It produces a very harmonious effect. The unique mini-collection Avenue Exotic Birds from Harry Winston will be produced in a limited edition series and there will be only several boutiques worldwide. Moreover the company participates in charity actions. For example it is committed to *** its contribution to famous Antiquorum auction. The profit will be given to an association for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in Monaco.Recently Harry Winston opened its first boutique in Beijing, China. To celebrate this important event Harry Winston created a very beautiful and colorful addition to its famous collection Avenue. The Exotic Birds theme inspired the designers to this amazing mini-collection. The line is launched in limited edition series consisting of 5 sets (4 pieces in each). It will be possible to buy watches as a set or just one watch model. Harry Winston Avenue Exotic Birds mini-collection is of a great interest to potential customers, watch collectors and connoisseurs. Despite the fact the watch dials are not big, the company's specialists managed to create fascinating pictures of exotic birds as if coming from a fairy-tale. Bright colors strike the imagination and revive spirits. The image of the bird is formed due to its colorful plumage. For the first time they combined enamel with diamonds. The "King of Diamonds" Harry Winston just could not manage without sparkling and gorgeous stones. And it has turned out to be a great and successful combination.

Breitling Chrono Avenger

The development of the new chronograph has been based upon the leading technical and aesthetic innovations in the field of watch***. Keeping in mind that the Chrono Avenger is to be used in tough conditions, the brand's watch*** specialists provided the watch with sturdy construction. The timepiece is equipped with a screw-locked crown protected by imposing crown-guards. The push-piece reinforcements are reliably screwed into the case-band, or thick non-reflective sapphire crystal, recessed to keep it away from jarring. The case measuring 44 mm in diameter catches attention due to its plunging profile. It is executed in titanium. The metal is widely used in cutting-edge aviation due to such important characteristics as lightness, durability and non-corrosive properties. The timepiece boasts 300-meter water-resistance. The company's watchmakers have opted for oversized crown and non-slip push-pieces to make them easy to handle, even when wearing gloves. The perfect readability both at day or night is based on the contrast between the big hands and plain dial.The Chrono Avenger is powered by officially chronometer-certified self-winding movement - Breitling Caliber 13. the timepiece provides the choice between a Barenia leather, buffalo leather, or rubber Diver Pro/ Professional bracelet.


Review of the Seiko Sportura SNJ005

If I had just slightly thicker wrists, the flow of the links would be smoother andthe issue would be completely unnoticeable. The problem is actually not the sizeof the watch itself, but the fact that the first link attached to each lug is notactually hinged, even though it looks like is, which essentially extends the practicalsize of the case by almost an entire inch. It's a very strange design, but only somethingthat you'd notice if your wrist is as narrow as mine. If you have skinny wrists,I highly recommend trying this bell & ross on before actually purchasing one.The Sportura line is one of the few very cool Seiko collections that we're luckyenough to have easy access to in the US. In fact, three out of the four watches inthe Sportura line (the SNA451, SNJ005, and the SNL015) can be found in just aboutany decent sized mall or jewelry store. (For an overview of the entire Sportura line,see my article entitled TheNew Seiko Sportura Line.) The SNJ005 retails for about $650,but is typically discounted at least 20-25%, so expect to pay between $480 and $520,or even less.If you're a frequent traveler, and your wrists are big enough to accommodatethe SNJ005, you can't go wrong with this timepiece.Additional resources:Viewthe Seiko Sportura SNJ005 photo gallery.My article entitled The New Seiko Sportura Collection.SeikoSportura SNJ005 Product page.Seiko SporturaSNJ005 Operational Guide (PDF).Note also that pressing the two buttons on the right toggles button toneson and off.)Although the SNJ005 contains some fairly complex world time functionality, it'sactually not difficult to set. You can either synchronize the analog and digitalreadouts, or you can intentionally set them to different times if you want to beable to see two time zones at once (which you can already do with this seiko online, soI wouldn't recommend it). Once it's set, you won't have to worry about it for a longtime since all the world time offsets are preprogrammed, as well as daylight savingsand the watch's calendar. And since Seiko is known for their extremely accurate quartzmovements, you really can set it and forget it.There are only two things I don't like about the SNJ005. The first is the factthat you can't navigate backwards when setting things like the time, or the alarm.The lower right-hand button is used to advance the time, the upper right-hand buttonis used to advance your place, and upper left-hand button is used to take the watchin and out of set mode. That means the lower left-hand button isn't being used foranything, so why not use it to let you decrement numbers so you don't have to loopall the way back around if you pass the intended time? (It should be noted thatthis is a very minor point, but when you're as obsessed with seiko as I am, younotice little things like this.)The second thing I don't like about the SNJ005 actually has more to do with somethingI don't like about me, and that is my skinny wrists. The SNJ005 is too largefor my wrist. I don't mean that it simply overpowers my wrist because it actuallydoesn't. What I mean is that it literally overshoots my wrist on both the top andthe bottom so there's a noticeable"crease"in the bracelet as the links turn too sharply back around the curve in my wrist.

Review of the Seiko Sportura SNJ005

The SNJ005's world time feature is probably its primary appeal. It allowsyou to easily check the time in one of 28 different cities, and to watch two timezones simultaneously. I really like the way you select cities withthe SNJ005, as well. All 28 cities are abbreviated around the bezel of the my bell & ross starting with GMT at the 12 o'clock position, and whenever you are prompted to selecta city (in time set mode, world time mode, and world alarm mode), you press a buttonto advance the second hand until it points to the desired city. In case you're notsure what the abbreviation stands for, the full name of the city scrolls across thetop LCD. The SNJ005's time transfer function is a natural fit with world time mode. Ifyou want to quickly reset the main time of the watch to a different timezone, just navigate to world time mode, select the desired city, hold down the upperleft-hand button for two seconds, and the current time in that city is "transferred"to the main time. Not only can you easily track the time in multiple cities, butyou can very easily reconfigure the replica bell & ross's main time, then change it back once you'vereturned home. The alarm on the SNJ005 allows you to specify a city in addition to a time. Let'ssay, for instance, you need to know when it's 11:00 AM in Tokyo. Rather than figuringout the time difference and setting your alarm relative to local time, you canactually set the alarm for 11:00 AM and specify Tokyo as the city. Very slick. The20-second tone is nice and loud, and sounds a little like a cell phone ringing whichis much more distinctive than the typical lame beeps most digital watches emit. (Notethat you can sample the alarm in time mode by holding down the two buttons on theright.Viewthe Seiko Sportura SNJ005 photo gallery.With its impressive world time functions, the SNJ005 is the Sportura for the worldtraveler. It stands out among its three brothers because it is the only Sporturathat is digital as well as analog. It manages to retain its family resemblance, however,thanks to the inverted LCD (white on black rather than black on white) which blendsin almost perfectly with the rest of the face and gives it the same jet-black dialas the other Sporturas. And like the rest of the line, the SNJ005 is all stainlesssteel with a sapphire crystal, screwdown caseback, and double locking clasp. Features of the Seiko SNJ005 include:World time. Quickly and easily check the time and date in 28 different cities.Time transfer function. (See below for an explanation.) World time alarm. (More on this feature below.)Automatic calendar (up to the year 2050).Stop nice bell & ross with a resolution of 1/1,000th of a second (no, that's not a typo!).The maximum time is 100 hours. Water-resistant to 100 meters, or about 330 feet.

The Seiko Ignition SBHL003

Battery life of approximately 3 years.The Seiko Ignition line is a tribute to the world of auto racing, and each bell ross tries to visually capture the essence of a race car's cockpit. The outer portion of this particular model's bracelet and portions of the case are coated using some sort of process which seems to translate into "diamond sealed" and both protects the watch from casual scratches, and gives the titanium a unique and very interesting look. The Seiko Ignition SBHL003 is only available in Japan for now, and seems to go for about $520. I'm a big fan of Seiko watch in general, but as you can probably tell, I'm a much bigger fan of the Asian models.The SBHL003 is an interesting new addition to Seiko's Ignition line. There are two things which differentiate it from other Seiko Ignitions. First, while the watch uses a classic analog display to present the time, the inner dial is an LCD used for timing and alarm features. Second, the stopwatch has a very precise resolution of 1/1,000th of a second (like the Seiko Sportura SNJ005 and the TAG Heuer Microtimer).Since the watch is not available in the US, I've had some trouble determining a definitive list of features, but here's what I've been able to gather so far: Synthetic sapphire crystal. Titanium case and bracelet. Stopwatch with a resolution of 1/1,000th of a second. Daily alarm. Countdown timer. 40mm in diameter, and 12mm thick. Water resistant to 100 meters, or about 330 feet.

The Tutima DI 300

Water resistant to 30 bar, 300 meters, or almost 1,000 feet. Available with an orange or black dial.I don't know much about Tutima watches, however I am suddenly compelled to learn more. Hopefully I'll be posting a hands-on review in the not-too-distant future.When Tutima calls the DI 300 "the sports gift for def for active yachtsmen," they are apparently willing to put their money where their mouth is. Last year, during the Nord/LB Baltic Spirit Cup, the Tutima racing yacht (appropriately named "TUTIMA") pulled an orange-dial Tutima DI 300 behind it for 2,000 nautical miles (or about 2,300 regular miles for us landlubbers). I think they made their point that the Tutima DI 300 is water-tight, corrosion-resistant, and has an extremely robust bracelet and clasp.The specs on the Tutima DI 300 go something like this: Titanium case. Solid titanium bracelet. Screw-down titanium crown. Unidirectional rotating bezel. Sapphire crystal. Automatic movement with day and date.

Omega Announces new Seamaster Planet Ocean Diver Watch

There's not a lot of information available yet on Omega's new Seamaster PlanetOcean divers, but here's what I know so far:Stainless steel case (available in 42mm and 45.5mm).Stainless steel bracelet with folding safety clasp, rubber strap, or alligatorleather.Unidirectional rotating bezel (inner third brushed aluminum, outer two-thirdsblack or orange).Sapphire crystal.Date.Luminescent (SuperLuminova) hands and markers.48-hour power reserve.Water resistant to 600 meters (2000 feet).gift for jewelry (reduces friction, improves long-term accuracy, and increasesservice intervals).Available in May of this year for an undisclosed price.Sign me up for an orange one with a stainless steel bracelet, just like in thepicture. I'll post more information when it's available from Omega's site.